Presentation Skills


Leaders who are seen as being able to make clear concise and energetic presentations often are judged to have higher potential for upward movement then their peers who are unable to do so.

The ability to present may come easier for some but all can improve their skill at being comfortable with and making effective presentations.

padding-left: 30px;”>Do you have a company “pitch” that your staff needs to be able to deliver?
Or maybe your managers make presentations and need their presentation skills sharpened up?

Impact consultants can help!

We help your managers become more comfortable speaking to small or large groups, and learn how to prepare effectively for making high impact presentations.

Participants in our PRESENTATIONS WITH IMPACT™ program develop techniques for increasing audience participation while learning how to deal with difficult participants and how to manage a question and answer session.

Each participant develops and practices their presentation in front of other participants and receive feedback from the group and our coaching on an individual basis.

We use short lectures, modeling presentations by instructors, with a heavy emphasis on individual practice and feedback.
And for those clients who request, we video tape individual practices and we use those tapes for coaching.

Our PRESENTATIONS WITH IMPACT™ skills training program works best with small groups of six participants but we can accommodate as many as twelve.

Individual presentation coaching is available as well.

Call Us! Let our consultants prepare your people to make professional presentations with greater effectiveness and impact!