Organizational Surveys and Feedack Processes

Organizational Surveys

What do you want to improve!

Employee morale? Teamwork? Customer satisfaction? Leader effectiveness? or maybe some aspects of the organization’s culture or organizational health?

Where does improvement start?

With feedback! Until you know what impact you’re having, you don’t know where to start in making improvements.

How can you get the feedback that will be really useful?

Most off-the-shelf surveys will not address the specific competencies or areas of concern that you identify. How will you know that your recent initiatives are being well-received? Or that the organizational changes are happening in accordance with your strategic plan?

A customized survey, designed with your input, will help you identify and prioritize areas for concentration as you plan for improvements.

How will it fit with other initiatives?

The survey and the process for designing and implementing it can be incorporated into other initiatives, such as organizational realignment or employee involvement programs currently underway in your organization. It can be useful to in planning and measuring the effectiveness of an initiative. In addition, it can reinforce the values and competencies that are expected in the organization.

How do you avoid raising expectations? Don’t surveys just open a can of worms?

From coaching executives on how to introduce the project, to facilitating action planning that comes of the feedback, Impact consultants advise you on implementation—to manage expectations and achieve what you want.

Feedback Processes

Feedback is widely recognized as essential to process improvement! Improving managerial and supervisory practices also requires high quality, timely feedback!

Whether you are interested in customer or client feedback, an upward feedback process, or a “360° approach” (including feedback from boss, direct reports, peers, clients and others), we can tailor our questionnaires and reports to accomplish your objectives.

We go beyond data collection and reporting, to maximizing the probability of positive change.

Facilitating the positive delivery of the feedback and coaching recipients as they process the feedback are important parts of our process.

As a result, we see leaders and the companies they lead becoming “learning organizations” which value feedback, give feedback in a supportive manner, and use feedback productively.

Our 360°PLUS program provides an enhanced 360 feedback experience that can be customized to reflect the organization culture and values.  Just one of the benefits, in addition to the awareness and coaching involved in this process, is the educational aspect which helps the manager and the team to increase their skills in giving and receiving feedback about what is working and what could be improved in the manager’s approach.