OD Consultants Resource

Are you an OD consultant engaged in a project that requires additional resources or expertise?

Maybe the project requirements have expanded or changed and you are concerned that you need additional consulting support or additional resources to better serve the project and or your client.

We have a history of working with and supporting other consultants with a number of projects:

  • Projects in which they have needed additional consulting expertise
  • Support in the defining, designing and implementing of an organizational change initiative
  • A need for a competency definition
  • A turn-key organization effectiveness assessment
  • A turn-key, customized 360° instrument and process, based on the organization’s values and/or competencies

We have partnered with other consulting groups and contributed valuable experience from our own organizational change efforts with private for-profit and non-profit organizations as well as government agencies.

Data Collection Surveys

Frequently we are requested to take on the role of providing support for the development and implementation of competency-based data gathering surveys and 360’s to establish the baseline metrics for pre- and post- intervention conditions. We work closely with the lead consultant to define the desired outcomes and craft surveys to provide metrics indicative of the effectiveness of the change effort.

360° Feedback Systems

On other occasions we have been asked to design and implement custom 360° assessments for use in performance management systems or to provide coaching resources using a 360° assessment already in place.

We support you in your success!

There are many advantages and benefits to engaging Impact Consultants in supporting you on your projects. Whether we operate as adjunct staff, or provide unbiased third-party perspective in support of your efforts, our aim is to support your work to achieve your desired impact.

Call Us! We would enjoy meeting you and discussing how we can be of help to you in advancing your objectives to provide quality consulting and program services!