New Manager Transition Workshop

When is your enthusiasm and energy for a job the greatest?  When you’re new in the position!  Learning curves can be exciting, but they can also be costly, unless you take control of the learning curve with a focused, professional approach.

Managing a new group involves getting acquainted, communicating expectations, learning about group members, setting direction and forming a new team.
Reorganizing a group or a group in transition means new dynamics, new expectations, and all of the ripples of the change process.  Harness that energy and channel it into a productive and collaborative experience!


Impact Consulting™ advises managers on planning for change, introducing change, and communicating after a change is announced.
This consultation may include any combination of the following:

▲  review of manager’s “charge” as given when appointed

▲  facilitation of manager’s definition of direction, vision

▲  definition of forces at work in the environment

▲  consultation about management style and expectations

 Teamwork, Leading the Team


 Impact Consulting™  workshops are tailored to the team and its defined needs. Generally, a half-day consultation and a full-day workshop are sufficient.
The workshop may include any combination of the following:

▲  a definition or revisiting of the team’s mission.

▲  communication of the manager’s vision for the team

▲  a high-level strategic review or revision.

▲  a communications style instrument and discussion of both manager’s and team members’ styles.

▲  an exchange of expectations (both manager’s and team members’)

▲  developing agreement on working practices.

▲  a review and prioritizing of current and imminent challenges facing the team.