Mike Levy, Principal

Mike has provided consulting and training services for a wide variety of industries, including companies in healthcare and pharmaceuticals, as well as petrochemical and oil, computer technology, manufacturing, and retail.

For over 30 years He has worked with client organizations in the design and implementation of organization change, developing new leadership processes for established organizations, building newly formed teams, assisting teams and individuals in resolving conflict, conducting internal assessments of organization climate, and leader effectiveness.

Mike has designed coaching and feedback processes for hundreds of executives and has been involved in implementing feedback focused on improving management and leadership effectiveness.

In his consulting, He works with organizations to enhance their human performance systems, plan and implement organizational change, and facilitate strategic planning sessions.

Prior to establishing his own independent consulting firm, Mike held training positions with firms in the health care industry and retail. His last organizational position was that of Corporate Training Manager of one of the largest retail firms in Texas.