Executive Team Development

Is Not A Game!

Our experience working with organizations convinces us that overall organizational performance begins and ends with the performance of the executive team.

A team whose members are aligned internally with a shared mission, strategic priorities and values coupled with effective leader skills sets the performance bar high for all members of the organization.

When we work with Executive teams the focus is on executing real work in a real world environment.

We partner with your team and facilitate the learning and development process in real time while building the capacity for the team to become adept at being a learning organization.

Regardless of how well a team is developing there is often a need for coaching of individual team members on issues specific to that person. When the situation warrants, we are well positioned to provide coaching for individual team members and do it in a manner that supports the ongoing development of the team.

Impact Consulting™ has a proven track record of success coaching all levels of organizations from CEO’s of large and small companies to first line supervisors and individual contributors.

Call Us! Our depth of experience, as managers and as consultants, is but one of the values we bring to the client relationship.