Executive Coaching

Are you getting the impact you want?

Or are you mystified that people don’t “get on board” with what you are trying to accomplish?
Do you get feedback that you don’t understand?
Or feedback that you aren’t sure how to correct?

Impact Consultants can help!

Our consultants have worked with high level executives in Fortune 100 companies to improve their leadership and management styles, increase their effectiveness, and better develop strategies to accomplish their goals.
Impact consultants have successful personal employment experience as managers in large companies, as well as special training in management and leadership models and style instruments.

We may use several sources of feedback, including 360° feedback, one-on-one interview data, or performance feedback from your recent appraisals.

There is no minimum number of consultations, nor any set pattern that must be followed. Every consultation is tailored to your needs and your willingness to pursue a change.
Consultations can be completely confidential, or shared with others as you direct.

Call Us! We can tailor the coaching to your organization’s situation or your personal needs!