Organizational Development

More than ever,  today’s organization
needs to have:

  • Commitment to a shared vision and purpose

  • Strategic focus

  • Readiness to embrace change

  • A healthy environment for people and ideas

  • Thought leadership

  • A collaborative culture

A shared vision and purpose is foundational to any organization, so whether you are designing and defining your vision for the first time, or revisiting and redefining it, we can help.  And with a solid, shared understanding of who you are and where you can be in the future, we can design for you a strategic planning process that will fit your culture, your talent cohort, and your desired outcomes.

Once your strategic plan is defined, goal alignment,, and  team development becomes critical in the execution of the plan, a nimble culture provides the opportunity to be successful in any of the scenarios in your strategy.

Developing a healthy environment for both people and ideas yields benefits well worth the time and energy invested.  Getting to that point can be daunting, but we design interventions and approaches for improving your organizational health.  And we promote the value of thought leadership in the process.

It is critical to understand today’s organizational culture as well as a clearly defined “aspirant culture”, what the organization is striving to become.  Using customized data-collection tools to define today’s culture, and later to measure progress, we reinforce the desired core competencies and behaviors as well as collect and analyze the data.

With a clear evidence-based understanding of the culture, we are well equipped to tailor the implementation of our efforts on your behalf.

Tailoring our approach in this way is what we call the PLUS Factor. By including the PLUS Factor with our programs, we offer the organization solid guidance in achieving its desired impact.